Digital Assignment Week 6: Learning to Rise Again

The journey began a year ago. I signed up to take INTE 5340 and chose the focal theme of vulnerability. I did not know it would become a person theme or that my life was about to be broken open- wide open.

Brene Brown wrote, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.” This time last year my entire being knew that the only way to continue living an authentic life was to step into my truth and recognize that I had been enabling my marriage, my husband, and myself in order to protect the image of us.  The realization of this was the final crack in our glass house. It shattered while I was standing under it. Our home was no longer ours. Within 20 minutes, an army of friends and a civil standby my life was loaded into cars and unloaded into my parent’s basement.

Divorce is painful and personal. It can feel like a failure. It can feel like the most necessary thing in order to live a full life. It’s sad, naked, and unafraid. My divorce was final four days before Christmas.

Three months later I found myself studio sitting in NYC for a friend. A chance to see a new area, new views, walk new streets and perhaps start to find my feet again. I was there for three weeks and planned on a few long weekends, while I worked during the week. March 3, 2017, over the crackling of a WebEx meeting the words, “We are terminating your employment” was stated. It felt like I was spinning in slow motion as documents filled my inbox and words like “bottom-line” continued to be spoken. It wasn’t graceful, it was freefalling. In ten minutes the conversation was over and I was disconnected from the working world. A career I had been building for sixteen years- gone. I was face down in the arena and it wasn’t pretty.

I looked out the window, twenty-six stories high and overlooking the Freedom Tower and World Trade Center Memorial. There have been worst days and I was still alive. I got dressed up and decided I needed to get outside and walk or this could swallow me whole. So, I walked about 10 miles that day around the city and practiced with strangers who asked, “What do you do?” Those poor strangers or everyday saints didn’t expect to be invited into my vulnerability, but if I was to become resilient I had to step into my truth and be authentically me.

So take a listen to this song and feel determined to get back up. If you’re face down in the arena it’s okay to take the time to be quiet, to process, and to fall a few times as you find the courage to stand again. I had days where a bed, Netflix, and sleep were all I could attempt. Healing is a process, but it’s a beautiful opportunity to find your way again.


Week 5 Daily Create 2: Bob and Sue a Lifetime of Adventures

In this episode of “The Adventures of Bob and Sue,” we find Bob at a loss of what to do. He has a night on the town with his old buddies from high school. Their antics and banna comsumption lead to some poor choices. Sue is left unimpressed and Bob will have to find his way back into her good graces.

bob and sue

Week 5: Mash This Baby!

Make-Believe and Imagination #ilt5340 #ilt5340d #ds106#MashupAssignments, #MashupAssignments1481

BOOM! My first mashup, complete with natural audio and many attempts at figuring out how to do this assignment. It ain’t perfect, but it’s there.

My process for this assignment was born out of an evening taking care of my close friends kids. It involved play-do, which we all should still play with to engage with creativity and fun. I then was their “chef,” with a take-and-bake pizza. In the midst of preparing their dinner we had a potty training moment while the fire alarm went off. However, in the end we saved pizza night! I filmed these sessions with Vine, which in the end I hope conveyed the energy of the evening. I thought about adding music however, the background noise seemed to convey the story better.

I then had to figure out how to download the vine clips in order to create the mashup. I used to combine the videos. When I was in this I made sure I turned on the join files feature (top right of the screen). My biggest challenge was getting the files to download as MP4, my computer was not giving the option to save in this format.At this stage of the process,  I’ll be honest I made some angry gestures at the computer and I was told my face was displaying frustration by a stranger in the coffee shop.  I ended up downloading an application called VideoGrabber and using the free trial. They don’t make the free trial option very intuitive. As a tip: when you add a download it takes about 5 seconds to load when you click evaluate, but I was it leads you to think you need to register or purchase. I then created my first You.Tube video and uploaded this into my blog.

I’ll say that this assignment required patience since I had to watch quite a few tutorials and play with new applications. I almost gave up… but, I didn’t. And while this will not win a Oscat, I figured out how to do this and that felt quite good. My theme for this assignment was finding ways to play and be joyful after a week that could make any adult feel a little vulnerable. The gift of being around happy kids is that they can make you imagine a whole new world filled with stories, make-believe, and when the melt downs happen sleep cures all!

Week 4: Design Assignment

There is always something that throws me off each week. I used WordItOut to create a wordcloud that represents my experience in this course so far. For the life of me, I cannot get the wordcloud to display on this page. I have included the link to my creation. If anyone has any suggestions of how to get this to display, I am happy to take them and try again. It was fun to create, just not as much fun to post!

Click Here to View Word Cloud

Week 3: Video Assignment

Another day, another application learned. I had no idea there were so many video platforms to choose from. For this assignment I decided to use vine and complete the Name That Book assignment. The goal was to use objects in order to represent the book I had choosen. I was inspired by the conversations of travel going on around me as I celebrated a friends 80th birthday.

Vine is an easy application to use. However, the challenge was the timing, six seconds makes it hard not to rush through the object. It took me a few attempts to get three components within the six second frame. Since I am a little camera shy and rarely want to be seen on video, I had never thought about capturing my activities within a six second frame. There is a lot of creative vines out there and many people seem to tweet and share mini moments from their day. Maybe one day I’ll join them… maybe.