Week 7: Reflective Summary

The content of this week was important, relevant, and slightly disturbing. The realization that we have so far to go when it comes to having real conversations around privilege, power, and whiteness is unnerving. The readings brought me back to a time where my job was to learn, discuss, challenge, and come to new understandings or perspectives. I suppose that is the gift of a graduate program and my being in my young twenties. I loved engaging in these types of conversations, but I have noticed that the more I moved away from teaching and into more administrative or consulting roles the less we take on difficult narratives. Perhaps, it is the nature of the work, which tends to be more customer service orientated. However, it can become devoid of depth, emotion, and understanding.

The readings this week challenged me to think about how traditional I have tended to see learning or literacy. There is room for multimodal connection and sharing, I just don’t  know if we have figured out how to make this space available for most students. In the working world, I can see certain departments being given the time to build more creative ways to create meaning and collaboration i.e., marketing or consumer research and engagement. However, I think generationally digital narrative can feel overwhelming or unnecessary. As generations grow up with the growing technologies and social media, I see this changing. However, I don’t think we have empowered many to be digitally literate.

I alluded to this in my annotations, but I see broadening the definition of literacy to be beneficial for students and adults who may not be as skilled at expressing themselves and connecting with others through writing or reading. I know that there is a push for Individual Learning Plans and to try to set each student up for success in their studies. Perhaps, there could be more room for a digital portfolio integrated into their plans. Of course, then we need to make sure that faculty or teachers are ready for evaluating this work and encouraging alternative measures of communicating meaning.

In regards to the assignments this week, I recognized that I am getting more confident in being able to use new tools and I am finding the fun in being creative in new ways. Developing a “Bucket List” has been some thing I have been writing down. Perhaps, more on setting intentions for what’s next now that I am starting over in many ways. I have struggled to use visual images and this assignment gave me some strategy in making my aspirations come together visually. Narrative, who we are, and how we tell our stories plays such an important role in how we view our potential and the opportunities we have. How we tell our stories to ourselves and to other matters. How we craft meaning also matters in regard to having a voice in society and it is important to consider as we build curriculums, teach, and learn.


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