Week 5 Reflection

Week five was a busy one for me and I found myself challenging myself to learn some new techniques and applications. I faced the frustration at times because that is what it means to engage in DYI learning. You have to get in, try, and hopefully find the play in the process.

As I mentioned in my reading response this was a heavy week in the world, but it was good to dig into the readings and look into some new research on the issues facing us as a society. I felt like my posts and tone this week were more focused more on social justice and the importance of discussing  who has access to produce texts and who gets to be heard and who may be silenced in the mainstream rhetoric. I feel it is important to ask critical questions of what it means be collaborative on-line and deliberative in taking on issues, rather than ranting. I found that my daily creates are coming more naturally for me and I find myself being able engage with the community more fluently. I also feel like my group is giving me good feedback and helping me read the texts from a new and more interactive way. I am seeing how annotation can make the meaning of the text become more rich from all their perspectives.

The mashup assignment was a great challenge for me, but it also became the assignment that I felt like I really pushed myself to work with new applications and learn new things. I found myself wanting to know how to negotiate the systems faster. However, I realized that once you get in and learn the next time I use video I will be more fluent and probably be able to focus on the quality of production more. I think I would like to learn more about video making applications and learn about how to make video that is stylistically sophisticated. I am getting an idea for a digital story that brings my focal theme together, and I am surprised that I am seeing some illustrations in it. I would not consider myself a talented artist, but I am envisioning some attempt at this. I am surprised that my theme of vulnerability has been leading me to think about what this means for the public realm and how the role it plays in how we may be able to engage in learning or not participate in the process of learning. As I mentioned it seems as a country we are entangled in the negative and positive emotions that comes with being vulnerable.

To conclude, I think I am started to exceed my own expectations in this course. Some may not agree, but I feel as if I was able to think critically and take on more challenging mediated assignments. I suppose I am starting to feel more literate within the digital space of learning, participating, and contributing.


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