Week 3 Reflection

Well, I’m taking the reflection to my blog this week, but since I’m interested in vulnerability it’s probably time to put myself out there. I felt that this week went a little smoother for me, I am getting a better handle on all the moving parts of the course. I do still feel a bit intimidated about the how to be creative beyond the written word. I find it difficult to come up with ideas on how to represent my topic visually, is this digital writer’s block? This week my favorite part was the digital story critique, probably because of her presentation and the topic was so relevant to my focal theme.

I have been wondering about the final portfolio and course review. Are we going to get more information on this soon? I am trying to get a sense of how I may be able to tell a story around vulnerability. I am wondering which video platform you both recommend, I think I will need to experiment with the video and audio? I learned that I am not as comfortable being on camera or exposing myself in video. I guess I am not going to become a social media personality any time soon! However, this is interesting since my topic is vulnerability and the idea of being on-screen makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. I’m working through how this may relate to what I produce in this class.

At times I still feel a little frustrated by the creative process and making creative connections through my daily creates. I would like to branch into some more video with these, but I need to allow myself time to learn the new applications I may be using. I feel I am connecting and interacting with hypothesis more successfully. It is fun to get responses from other peers and to get their input. This week I realized that I started to annotate with the course and not the group. Luckily, I caught this, but I am concerned I may have annotated with the larger group last week. Overall, I would give myself a meets expectations evaluation, getting there but still a work in progress.


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