Story Critique: Week 2


For this story critique, I am going to look at the following traits: Voice, flow, and sense of audience. My focal interest is how we can express vulnerability within our own stories. In “Resaved,” the author Marie has a strong use of voice and her style drew me in. She engaged us with her adventure when she was 19,  and this theme of waiting in order to get to where you need to be. Another interesting component of this piece was how she brought in her father’s voice, in tone and in his voice message. I really liked the line, “Sometimes the choices we make aren’t bad, they’re just wrong.”

After this line, I thought the transition to the light bells allowed for a smooth transition into the main point of the story, which was wanting to connect with her father in his final moment. The flow was consistent and well developed for the tone of the story. It was well-paced and not rushed. She gave time for the meaning to sink in and her use of audio was excellent, as it helped build the momentum and push us into other areas of the story.

Final her sense of audience was well developed. We don’t know her father so it was important that she help us understand his character and communicate how he spoke. She did this well, I got a clear sense of the type of man he was. In the end, I feel it was an ode to his life and she let the audience into this personal, vulnerable moment in her life. We all have things we maybe have wanted to say, but time isn’t on our side. She connected her intimate conversations to feelings that we can all connect to. The gift of having someone believe in you and love you unconditionally. I thought she connected this emotion with her audience well.



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