Telling Our Stories: First Digital Story Critique

I choose to look at a blog post from researcher Brene Brown titled, “Our history. Change our story.” I found her research on vulnerability to be engaging and I have read her books and I wanted to see how she translated digitally.  I decided to use the assessment traits of writing, sense of audience, and media application.

As Brene Brown states,”When we deny our stories, they define us.
When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.” This has been published in print and online, and it may be one of my favorite quotes. I have noticed that her writing in her blog is more conversational and to the point. Knowing her larger body of work I thought this was an excellent synopsis of her larger arguments and points. She makes strong calls to consider how we think and tell our stories, specifically our collective stories around racism in the United States. She writes with a voice that is calling upon the public to actively challenge our resistance and defensiveness around this painful history. In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, I suppose this story is poignant. Fear and scarcity are common themes are her work and this blog. The combination these and not owning our stories can have real consequences on real lives.

I feel this piece isn’t written to those who may already know her work. I think the audience she had in mind would perhaps be curious about the topic. But, may be a little resistant to the concept of getting deep and finding the courage to ask hard questions. However, I think she approaches her audience from a place of understanding this and encouraging readers to be open, but not preaching from a place of top-down. She does not avoid confronting her beliefs, but she is not chastising the audience into change.

In regard to her media application, I like the use of white space on her blog. I find this format easier to consume and remain engaged in the content. I will say that it was a little hard to find this installment of the blog. I think there could be a more clean way to show content from the home page. I had to continue to load previous posts before I was able to locate this one. I found it easy to share on other social media platforms. I do think that the images needed to be more in balance with her page. Of course, I am still figuring this out and so let’s call that out! This page is used to promote other authors and her personal brand. I think it is done tastefully and in alignment with her focus and initiatives. Heck, branding oneself is what most bloggers would like to do and I think she has done well with this.

I have included the source for this blog below, however, as I mentioned, I need a little more work myself when it comes to making this look smooth and fancy. I’ll take your tips!


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